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Our Opinions on Celebrities

I just read an article, well several to be perfectly honest on the latest Jason Aldean scandal (you can read the one in People magazine here http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20797870,00.html). I also read many of the comments written by fellow readers. To say the very least, everyone is very angry with the girl he allegedly cheated with on his wife. They are angry with him, but they HATE her. He gets some comments, but most of the comments are about how she is a homewrecking wh***.

Why does he seem to get a free pass? Why do men seem to get a free pass most of the time? Why do we even care what some country singer even does? Why do we care what any celebrity does. Is this because we think we know these individuals? I think with country musicians, people identify more with them because of their music and their “Average Joe” facade, but what about television and movie celebrities. We do not know any of these people on a personal level, yet many of us take everything they do personally.

They are just people. They are just like us. They have more money than we do and live in fabulous houses, but they still put their pants on one leg at a time. They are not GODS! They will fail you because they have faults, just like us. Now, I am not saying you cannot admire people for their abilities. Go ahead, admire away. But, don’t try to be them. Be yourself. You are meant to be someone unique. Find your own path.

However, because as one person commented, “I have integrity”, I will stop listening to Jason Aldean’s music. It is a free world and my choice. I do not work to buy music of people that I do not like and right now I do not like him. His integrity with me is a bit rocky. I would not listen to music of a friend that did the same thing in their marriage and I will not listen to this guy. My choice, my world. There is plenty of other good music out there. Besides, right now, I am into Irish music, so Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s it is!


Songs of Our Past – Our Music Memories

What song brings back memories? Are they good or bad memories? Do you feel 16 again? Or is it the song that you danced to with your then boyfriend, now husband? Do songs make you sad? Songs for me are usually happy memory makers. There are only a few that can make me melancholy.

As I listened to Pandora today, I heard many songs that bring back good memories. These songs were new ones though. They just reminded me of good memories. Like being 16 and riding around with my best friend looking for God knows what in our small town. Trouble probably, our other friends, or just trying to be cool. I was never cool, but I though I was. Ha! We would have the windows rolled down and the music blasting. The world was our oyster (pardon my turn of phrase). I don’t actually like oysters, but the phrase fits! And in case you are wondering, the music was usually Journey, Paula Abdul (yes, I admit it), Eagles, or Aerosmith. I had eclectic tastes, what can I say.

Music can bring you sunshine. It also reminds of fun times that I often think I have forgotten. I have formed new music memories with my kids and those will last my lifetime. I try to share my music with them and listen to their music. Hopefully, they have many music memories of their own.

Now, Kenny Chesney is on Pandora. He makes me think of frothy drinks, sunny days, and blue water. He can come and sing to me anytime as long as it is on a beach somewhere!


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