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Mid-Career Changes, Do You or Don’t You?

When do you change careers, should you change careers, does the new career find you or do you find it? These are questions that I have been pondering the last few days. I made a big change over a few weeks ago. I walked away from what I thought was my career job. Alas, it was not. You can read about it in my previous post. Now, I am contemplating my next move. What do I really want to be when I grow up.

People have told me to play it safe and find something that is close to what I was doing before. Playing it safe is what I have done my whole life. I have never been a live on the edge type of person. I have always been the practical one. I have a family, so that seems like the safe thing to do. I want to do something different, a change. But, how about a BIG change? What if I really want a big change?

I would like to do something that I am passionate about. I want a career that helps people. I also want to go home every night feeling good about my day. No job is stress free or without problems. I am too old to be that naive. I think the word I need to use is fulfillment. I want a career that is fulfilling. You will notice that I said career not job. This time around, I want a career.

So, the questions is, do I make the leap? Do I make a change? What have I got to lose, right?


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