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Check Your Facts People!

So today I am on a rant….. After reading my morning dose of nonsense (otherwise known as Facebook), I was quite perturbed. I know that people are naive, I know that people often believe everything they read on the internet, but I thought my friends would be a little more savvy than they obviously are. And it is not all of you, so before you all start blasting me with messages, if you think you are one of them, you probably aren’t. Ignorance is bliss most likely.

I am a liberal or at the very least,┬áliberal minded. Let me amend that statement, I am people-minded. There, I said it. It is not a secret. It does not mean that I am some crazy person. I believe in people and that we should not judge one another. I think that is left up to God. We need to take care of one another while we are on this Earth together. But, I cannot abide people who follow everyone else and believe everything just because some conservative right-wing so-called “expert” says it is true. Would you follow that person off a bridge, probably so, because your common sense seems to have taken a vacation!

I raise my children to be kind and good citizens of the Earth. They do not judge other children by color, religion, or any other criteria. They don’t miss out on making friends and enriching their lives. We can learn a lot from children prior to teenager land, of course!

My point of this rant being this… Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Check out the facts before you regurgitate the information to family and friends. Be an individual, be yourself. You will be interesting and colorful and who doesn’t want to be colorful (This information tip brought to you by your non-judgmental librarian)!!




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