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STRESS: Don’t let it win!

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for work, I decided to put on some foundation and blush. I very rarely do this ritual, but I had a work event to attend and wanted to look more professional. I am not sure why I thought this make up would help, but I put it on anyway. My youngest daughter was watching me and she said, “Mommy you should put some of that stuff under your eyes because you look really tired.”

She did not say this comment to make me feel bad. This child is quite the opposite, she is a keen observer and very rarely will comment on things outside of the family. She does not like to hurt other people’s feelings. But, the comment did give me pause. I do look tired. You could cart groceries around in the bags under my eyes. I haven’t been sleeping well no matter how many nights I take Motrin or Tylenol PM and go to bed at 9:00.

I have not exercised since I moved south. I have not been swimming since I moved south. I love the water and I miss it. And soon, in the next few weeks, I can get in the outdoor pools. My body needs exercise whether it is in the water or something else. My knees are stiff and sore for lack of exercise. Stress has gotten the better of me. I did not realize what it can do to you body, but I am finding out fast. I feel like an old woman. I have let stress take control. WELL, not anymore. I have joined a gym, I am going to try yoga (because a  mom I know has found much peace in this exercise), and I am going to beat the stress! I might even enter myself in a race or two late this summer. I can swim and bike, it is the running that I worry about. You never know!

Now, it stands to reason that I should probably eliminate the source of so much stress. Well, I am working on that issue too. However, one thing at a time and exercise will help me deal. The rest will come….


The Fun (Not!) of Being Weighed

Today started our “Scale Back Alabama” campaign. All of us who are participating had to weigh in. I knew this weigh in was going to happen today. I ate my last strawberry, white chocolate cupcake from Fresh Market on Sunday. Getting on a scale is one of my favorite things to do.. NOT!! I do not think anyone likes to weigh themselves unless they like self-inflicted torture.

I have been stagnant in the exercise department since I moved south. I have done nothing but watch television and work. I would make a most excellent police detective with all of my television viewing! Do they hire arm-chair or couch detectives? Where can I apply?

This past summer was one of my best for health and exercise. I was teaching swim lessons almost daily and outside in the water. Presently, I sit at a desk most of the day and use a computer. My mind might be in good shape, but not the rest of me. Now, I am a blob. I am not sure if I can even swim anymore (just kidding, I know I can float!). Getting back into a workout routine makes me want to crawl under the covers and go to sleep.

I was so into sports. I was active. I know I should exercise. My knees need the workout and I do need to lose weight. It would be better on my heart and joints. I am not trying to be a supermodel, just healthy and not achy all the time. Today, I am whiny… I also should set an example for my children. You need to stay active. You will live a lot longer if you do.  Now, where did I put those tennis shoes…..someone needs to walk 🙂


Image from http://www.thefreshmarket.com/cupcake-platter

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