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What Not To Buy At The Dollar Store

The other day I made a visit to the dollar store. I like the dollar store. It is like a grab bag of goodies. You never know what you will find. I have found great cooking utensils, kitchen towels, and we must not forget, it is a great place to buy gift bags, balloons, and other party supplies. The dollar store also is a place that reminds me of my grandma. She will be 89 this June and she just LOVES the dollar store. She takes my daughters there when they visit. They have a blast looking through everything.

So.. while looking in the nonperishable food aisle, I discovered they had coffee. COFFEE!! One of my favorite things! I have written several posts about my love of all things java. I am not a coffee snob, however, I do like my coffee to be robust and flavorful. Coffee for a dollar! Make my day!! You can see my excitement over finding coffee turned off the common sense switch in my brain.

Dollar coffee is not good. Most of you would probably figure it out just from the fact it came from the dollar store, but I am ever optimistic in coffee. It is not as bad as coffee that has sat all day on a burner, but it is pretty yucky. The taste is close to a chicory taste. I like chicory coffee, specifically if it is Cafe du Monde or Community chicory coffee. But, this coffee was just awful!

Learn from my mistakes people… Don’t buy coffee at the dollar store! Spend the extra money at your local market or grocery store. Walmart doesn’t even have the best prices on coffee, so explore local markets. You never know what you will find!!




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Buckeye in Bama

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