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When your “dream” job, isn’t….

Often, I think that I must have a screw loose or something is fundamentally wrong in my brain. In the past seven years, I have walked away from three different jobs paying great salaries. The first job was because of family reasons, the second because I hated the job, and the third job was because I just could not continue on no matter what the salary was for the position. I never thought I would leave a position because of a negative atmosphere or moral reasons. I thought money could fix it, but I was wrong. Money does not motivate me. I also let stress turn me inside out and I refuse to live stressed out any longer.

What makes a “dream” job? Is there really such a thing? I do not think so. I think you find things that you like about certain jobs. I have found that I enjoy working for people who appreciate me. An easy concept, you would think, but a complex one because money can lure you into negative situations. I also like working with limited supervision. I do not need people to ride herd on me. I am self-motivated and do not need a babysitter. I am also best under pressure and with deadlines. Most of my working life has been centered around deadlines and I seem to thrive in this environment.

Morally, I have to feel comfortable. This issue was not as prominent in my younger years, but it is now. I have to set an example for my children. I do not want my children to see their mother only existing in a career, I want them to see that I thrive in a career. Girls need to know that they can be successful career women. Salary is important, but it is not everything. Piece of mind is very important. I am striving to find that balance between career and piece of mind.


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Buckeye in Bama

Rambling thoughts of a Yankee transplanted to the south.

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