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Check Your Facts People!

So today I am on a rant….. After reading my morning dose of nonsense (otherwise known as Facebook), I was quite perturbed. I know that people are naive, I know that people often believe everything they read on the internet, but I thought my friends would be a little more savvy than they obviously are. And it is not all of you, so before you all start blasting me with messages, if you think you are one of them, you probably aren’t. Ignorance is bliss most likely.

I am a liberal or at the very least, liberal minded. Let me amend that statement, I am people-minded. There, I said it. It is not a secret. It does not mean that I am some crazy person. I believe in people and that we should not judge one another. I think that is left up to God. We need to take care of one another while we are on this Earth together. But, I cannot abide people who follow everyone else and believe everything just because some conservative right-wing so-called “expert” says it is true. Would you follow that person off a bridge, probably so, because your common sense seems to have taken a vacation!

I raise my children to be kind and good citizens of the Earth. They do not judge other children by color, religion, or any other criteria. They don’t miss out on making friends and enriching their lives. We can learn a lot from children prior to teenager land, of course!

My point of this rant being this… Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Check out the facts before you regurgitate the information to family and friends. Be an individual, be yourself. You will be interesting and colorful and who doesn’t want to be colorful (This information tip brought to you by your non-judgmental librarian)!!




Our Opinions on Celebrities

I just read an article, well several to be perfectly honest on the latest Jason Aldean scandal (you can read the one in People magazine here http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20797870,00.html). I also read many of the comments written by fellow readers. To say the very least, everyone is very angry with the girl he allegedly cheated with on his wife. They are angry with him, but they HATE her. He gets some comments, but most of the comments are about how she is a homewrecking wh***.

Why does he seem to get a free pass? Why do men seem to get a free pass most of the time? Why do we even care what some country singer even does? Why do we care what any celebrity does. Is this because we think we know these individuals? I think with country musicians, people identify more with them because of their music and their “Average Joe” facade, but what about television and movie celebrities. We do not know any of these people on a personal level, yet many of us take everything they do personally.

They are just people. They are just like us. They have more money than we do and live in fabulous houses, but they still put their pants on one leg at a time. They are not GODS! They will fail you because they have faults, just like us. Now, I am not saying you cannot admire people for their abilities. Go ahead, admire away. But, don’t try to be them. Be yourself. You are meant to be someone unique. Find your own path.

However, because as one person commented, “I have integrity”, I will stop listening to Jason Aldean’s music. It is a free world and my choice. I do not work to buy music of people that I do not like and right now I do not like him. His integrity with me is a bit rocky. I would not listen to music of a friend that did the same thing in their marriage and I will not listen to this guy. My choice, my world. There is plenty of other good music out there. Besides, right now, I am into Irish music, so Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s it is!

Seriously…. Are you going to read that?!!!

People assume that since I work as a librarian that I am a book snob. I guess that they think I might be a stereotypical librarian and only read classical literature (and you have to say “classic literature” with you pinky finger raised as if you are drinking tea whilst pinching your nose and using a snooty voice). However, librarians are anything but stereotypical anymore. They are not the cardigan wearing, look down their noses, hair in a bun, people of the past. In fact, I had something say to me just last week, “But you don’t have your hair in a bun and you don’t look like a librarian”. Well, no…. I should hope not. My hair is really short and I plan to keep it that way.

Librarians come in all varieties, just like potato chips. We are short, tall, thin, not-so-thin, and with short or long hair. Some of us wear glasses and you are more likely to find cool, hip glasses on librarians than old out-of-date glasses. Some of us have tattoos and are not too shy to show them off, if the workplace allows for it. Librarians are themselves ALWAYS. We are not usually phony people. Why should we be phony, we are not trying to impress anyone. You are asking us for information (hehehe!).

Now, back to the books snobbery… I am an advocate for reading what you like. This view might make me a bit of a rogue, but I think if you are going to sit down to read, you should enjoy it unless it is for a class, then good luck! I have read the classics and many of them do not appeal to me. Although, I appreciate the historical context in which these books were written. I am not a fan of Shakespeare. However, I do like the Bronte sisters and Edith Wharton. I have read Upton Sinclair and Shirley Jackson. I am a BIG fan of fiction, particularly murder mysteries, suspense, and thrillers. Yes, I loved Harry Potter and would have been a total geek about it if I were 30 years younger. There is so much out there for everyone. I read for enjoyment and escape. I think everyone should read what they want. I do not think it should be a chore. Getting kids who hate to read is a feat. Give them the right type of book and they are off to the races. My youngest daughter, who can’t sit still, hated to sit and read. Give her a Percy Jackson book, and she will sit and read for hours. It is all in what you like!

No one should be looked down upon for what you read. You will be required to read certain books for school, but in your free time, you can read what you want! It is a free country! Now, where did I put that murder mystery?!!

When Do You Unfriend an Friend

I have been struggling with unfriending a friend on Facebook. I unfriended a few people during the presidential elections because I got so tired of hearing their political opinions. I am struggling with this issue because I have known this person for a very long time. It would bother me quite a lot to unfriend them, but their posts are becoming increasingly right-wing crazy. I guess reformed h***-raisers like to get all high and mighty when they stop raising h***. They start pointing the finger of judgment at everyone else and not where it should be pointed back at them.

However, before everyone gets riled up about their right to an opinion, I want to say that I totally agree. We all have the right to our own opinion. The right to free speech is a constitutional right. What we do not have a right to do is step on other people’s opinions. Plus, I am not good with intolerance and stupidity. Don’t spout off facts before you have checked them out thoroughly. Do not believe everything you read because it is on the internet or appeared on Fox News or because your pastor told you so. Investigate everything! A lot of people are conned into believing things they are told because they are too busy to check things out for themselves. Follow up people! Do not be force-fed information.

AND before you criticize me for being a left-wing atheist, I am a Christian who likes to think for myself. I also appreciate other people’s opinions even if I do not agree with them except when given reasonable arguments upon which no follow-up will ever happen. I would follow-up when given reasonable doubt, why won’t you?

Spread the Love People!

I know that it is Valentine’s Day. I am not big on this day. No, I am not a bitter, loveless person. I have been happily married for fifteen years. Yes, it is my second marriage, but I have been lucky enough to be married to two people who treated me quite well on Valentine’s Day. My dad always gave my sister and I nice gifts on Valentine’s Day, it was kind of his thing. I give my daughter’s special little gifts on Valentine’s Day. I just think the sentiment is carried a bit too far. The jewelry commercials give me a headache and enough with the sappiness. Not every woman wants a diamond necklace or bracelet or flowers for Valentine’s Day. Give me a good book, some gourmet coffee, or something else meaningful any day.

But, that is not really my point. There are many people out there who do not have anyone special today. They may have lost their someone special this year or are not in any type of relationship. Instead of buying for your “love”, try doing something nice for someone else who may need to know that you care about them. Shouldn’t we spread the “love” around? How about a nice card for someone who watches your children? Or the mail person? Or the bus driver who takes your kids home from school? You could always buy some chocolate, bake cookies, or just do something random for them. It might make their day.

Valentine’s Day should be about “love for everyone”. Not just romantic love. There are a lot of people who are single, hurting, or otherwise. Do something nice for everyone. It will make them and you feel good. That is what Valentine’s Day should be about.


Snot, Does It Ever End

I know this topic sounds nasty and quite frankly, it is. However, as I sit here typing this post, it is all I can think about. I have been sick with a terrible cold since this past Saturday.

The cold started out innocently enough. Just a cough and a little sore throat, nothing to get excited about. Sunday, the fever moved in and by Monday, I was sweating like a pig. Now, Mr. Snot has arrived with a vengeance. When I get to the hereafter, I am going to ask the infinite creator about these mucus producers. What is the purpose of snot? I am positive some scientist or doctor could explain to me all of the glorious things about snot, but who cares when it is running down your face?! It just keeps coming! How can one body produce that much stuff, I mean really! Maybe we could turn snot into something lucrative, haha!! But, of course, the people who make tissues would be out of business.

I am sick of being sick. I am tired of blowing my nose, sneezing my head off, and stuffing tissues up my nose so that I do not drip on my pillow! I am also tired of trying to contain all of my bodily functions while I cough and sneeze. Yes, I went there. Ladies, you know what I am talking about even if you won’t admit it. It is tough on the body having children. I would not trade them for the world, but my body has seen better days.

So, now that I have grossed all of you out (yes, as I have told you before, I am a child of the 80’s), I will get back to blowing my nose, collecting my snot, sneezing my head off, and controlling my body functions. Oh spring, please get here soon!!! I am tired of being sick. I have things to do!!

Ugh!! People

I do not usually get up on my soapbox… OK maybe I do sometimes and since this blog is mine, I am going to do it here. I read a blog today, the Annoyed Librarian (Library Journal), and she was commenting on the response to an article. It was written by this guy in Canada, who took a list from Forbes about the lowest tech and stress jobs, and then added his two cents worth. Here is the link in case you want to peruse it yourself (http://www.montrealgazette.com/opinion/Opinion+Technology+supposed+simplify+lives+hasn/9352002/story.html)

He suggests that if you want a low tech and low stress job, you should see if one of these jobs works for you. Librarian made the list. I am a librarian and my job is not low tech, nor is it low stress. Ask any librarian, we are constantly keeping up with new technology. Ask anyone who has ever worked in customer service. Some days you cannot please anyone and some days you can. I am not saying that I do not like my job because I do. I love being a librarian. I like being the keeper of the information.

I also never stop being a librarian. When people find out that you are a librarian, they like to ask you stuff, lots of stuff about everything. The other day as I was getting my hair cut, the young girl was talking about migraines (by the way, hair stylist made the list too). She needed to find alternative methods and a new doctor. I recommended a website to her where she can search for doctors who specialize in this kind of treatment. The last time I got a massage, I gave recommendations to the masseuse for website design/builder resources. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, but I got this knowledge by reading and constantly updating my information knowledge base.

OK, I will get off the soapbox now with this last comment. Everyone has some type of stress in their job. At least I think they do. We may not all be high tech, but there is a place and job for everyone in the world. Criticizing them isn’t very nice.

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