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What Not To Buy At The Dollar Store

The other day I made a visit to the dollar store. I like the dollar store. It is like a grab bag of goodies. You never know what you will find. I have found great cooking utensils, kitchen towels, and we must not forget, it is a great place to buy gift bags, balloons, and other party supplies. The dollar store also is a place that reminds me of my grandma. She will be 89 this June and she just LOVES the dollar store. She takes my daughters there when they visit. They have a blast looking through everything.

So.. while looking in the nonperishable food aisle, I discovered they had coffee. COFFEE!! One of my favorite things! I have written several posts about my love of all things java. I am not a coffee snob, however, I do like my coffee to be robust and flavorful. Coffee for a dollar! Make my day!! You can see my excitement over finding coffee turned off the common sense switch in my brain.

Dollar coffee is not good. Most of you would probably figure it out just from the fact it came from the dollar store, but I am ever optimistic in coffee. It is not as bad as coffee that has sat all day on a burner, but it is pretty yucky. The taste is close to a chicory taste. I like chicory coffee, specifically if it is Cafe du Monde or Community chicory coffee. But, this coffee was just awful!

Learn from my mistakes people… Don’t buy coffee at the dollar store! Spend the extra money at your local market or grocery store. Walmart doesn’t even have the best prices on coffee, so explore local markets. You never know what you will find!!




Mid-Career Changes, Do You or Don’t You?

When do you change careers, should you change careers, does the new career find you or do you find it? These are questions that I have been pondering the last few days. I made a big change over a few weeks ago. I walked away from what I thought was my career job. Alas, it was not. You can read about it in my previous post. Now, I am contemplating my next move. What do I really want to be when I grow up.

People have told me to play it safe and find something that is close to what I was doing before. Playing it safe is what I have done my whole life. I have never been a live on the edge type of person. I have always been the practical one. I have a family, so that seems like the safe thing to do. I want to do something different, a change. But, how about a BIG change? What if I really want a big change?

I would like to do something that I am passionate about. I want a career that helps people. I also want to go home every night feeling good about my day. No job is stress free or without problems. I am too old to be that naive. I think the word I need to use is fulfillment. I want a career that is fulfilling. You will notice that I said career not job. This time around, I want a career.

So, the questions is, do I make the leap? Do I make a change? What have I got to lose, right?

The Fun (Not!) of Being Weighed

Today started our “Scale Back Alabama” campaign. All of us who are participating had to weigh in. I knew this weigh in was going to happen today. I ate my last strawberry, white chocolate cupcake from Fresh Market on Sunday. Getting on a scale is one of my favorite things to do.. NOT!! I do not think anyone likes to weigh themselves unless they like self-inflicted torture.

I have been stagnant in the exercise department since I moved south. I have done nothing but watch television and work. I would make a most excellent police detective with all of my television viewing! Do they hire arm-chair or couch detectives? Where can I apply?

This past summer was one of my best for health and exercise. I was teaching swim lessons almost daily and outside in the water. Presently, I sit at a desk most of the day and use a computer. My mind might be in good shape, but not the rest of me. Now, I am a blob. I am not sure if I can even swim anymore (just kidding, I know I can float!). Getting back into a workout routine makes me want to crawl under the covers and go to sleep.

I was so into sports. I was active. I know I should exercise. My knees need the workout and I do need to lose weight. It would be better on my heart and joints. I am not trying to be a supermodel, just healthy and not achy all the time. Today, I am whiny… I also should set an example for my children. You need to stay active. You will live a lot longer if you do.  Now, where did I put those tennis shoes…..someone needs to walk 🙂


Image from http://www.thefreshmarket.com/cupcake-platter

Can you really ever get enough chocolate chip cookies?

My oldest daughter makes the best chocolate chip cookies besides my own. If fact, hers are probably better than mine. Yes, I am bragging. I am not usually a bragger, but they are really, really good. She made a batch yesterday and there are no cookies left. They are really soft and gooey, just the way I like them. I even get to lick the bowl. Yes, a grown adult whose daughter lets her lick the bowl. I tell my kids do not eat raw cookie dough and here I am eating raw cookie dough. DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO! haha!!

We do not even use any special recipe, just the one on the back of the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie bag. It is the best one around. My best friend Debbie and I used to make these cookies in middle and high school. She was the one who taught me how to make chocolate chip cookies. I lived at her house during my teenage years. When you grow up in a middle-sized town in the 1980’s, do not have a driver’s license, and there is not a mall yet, you have to make your own fun. We used to rent a movie, eat pizza and other junk food, and make chocolate chip cookies (pig-out in the vernacular of the day). Debbie introduced me to cookie dough and I have been eating it ever since. She is a far better cook than I, but I can make two things really well. I can bake chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake. See a theme here…

Chocolate chip cookies are one of life’s little gifts. If you have a daughter who can make them, you have a great gift.

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