Buckeye in Bama

Rambling thoughts of a Yankee transplanted to the south.

Seriously…. Are you going to read that?!!!

People assume that since I work as a librarian that I am a book snob. I guess that they think I might be a stereotypical librarian and only read classical literature (and you have to say “classic literature” with you pinky finger raised as if you are drinking tea whilst pinching your nose and using a snooty voice). However, librarians are anything but stereotypical anymore. They are not the cardigan wearing, look down their noses, hair in a bun, people of the past. In fact, I had something say to me just last week, “But you don’t have your hair in a bun and you don’t look like a librarian”. Well, no…. I should hope not. My hair is really short and I plan to keep it that way.

Librarians come in all varieties, just like potato chips. We are short, tall, thin, not-so-thin, and with short or long hair. Some of us wear glasses and you are more likely to find cool, hip glasses on librarians than old out-of-date glasses. Some of us have tattoos and are not too shy to show them off, if the workplace allows for it. Librarians are themselves ALWAYS. We are not usually phony people. Why should we be phony, we are not trying to impress anyone. You are asking us for information (hehehe!).

Now, back to the books snobbery… I am an advocate for reading what you like. This view might make me a bit of a rogue, but I think if you are going to sit down to read, you should enjoy it unless it is for a class, then good luck! I have read the classics and many of them do not appeal to me. Although, I appreciate the historical context in which these books were written. I am not a fan of Shakespeare. However, I do like the Bronte sisters and Edith Wharton. I have read Upton Sinclair and Shirley Jackson. I am a BIG fan of fiction, particularly murder mysteries, suspense, and thrillers. Yes, I loved Harry Potter and would have been a total geek about it if I were 30 years younger. There is so much out there for everyone. I read for enjoyment and escape. I think everyone should read what they want. I do not think it should be a chore. Getting kids who hate to read is a feat. Give them the right type of book and they are off to the races. My youngest daughter, who can’t sit still, hated to sit and read. Give her a Percy Jackson book, and she will sit and read for hours. It is all in what you like!

No one should be looked down upon for what you read. You will be required to read certain books for school, but in your free time, you can read what you want! It is a free country! Now, where did I put that murder mystery?!!


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