Buckeye in Bama

Rambling thoughts of a Yankee transplanted to the south.

Does Your Personality Change As Your Get Older?

We have all taken a personality test or two or three. Some of us may have had to take them for a class or a workshop. You may have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, one of the most famous of the tests. I know I did. My personality was always INTJ, introvert, intuitive, thinking, judgmental. I thought this personality type fit me just fine. It certainly fit my career of choice, librarian. However, in a moment of contemplation, I decided to take it again over the weekend. Would I get the same result?

That would be a big fat NO!! How can that be? Aren’t I the same person that I was twelve years ago? I even took it twice to be sure. Just like the pregnancy tests for my children! But, it came out the same and different from before. This time, my personality was ESTJ 87% and ENTJ 86%. OK, I know you are thinking that it really is not that different, but it is. ESTJ is extrovert, sensing, thinking, judgmental. Well, the last two are the same, but the first two? Really, extrovert and sensing? When did that happen?

After some deep thought. I discovered a few things about myself. I have changed. I am a parent of two daughters which requires some sensitivity, even for me. I am older and maybe a little less harder on people that I used to be. As for the extrovert part, I think I have this figured out too. I became a volleyball referee and a softball umpire five years ago. It took me out of my comfort zone and I had to learn how to deal with difficult and hard situations. I also had to learn how to confront bullies as an adult. Humor can be used in many situations, you also have to learn to let stuff go. You have to be pleasant and agreeable, but not too agreeable. You also have to let the girls know you are there for them and not their parents. I also began teaching swim lessons last year. I have to upbeat and positive. You have to talk to your swim class. I found that I enjoyed teaching the children and adults.

My friends from high school would say that I was always an extrovert. I think I crawled into my shell as an adult for protection. Now, I am crawling back. Watch people, I’m back!!!


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