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Review of Take Down Twenty By Janet Evanovich

Yesterday, I received the an email alert that I had “Takedown Twenty” available from my library for checkout via OverDrive. Since I was about 300 on the waiting list the last time that I checked, I was really excited by this news. This series is one of my favorites.  So, I checked the e-book out and settled in with a tablet to read the next installment in the adventures of Stephanie Plum and Co.

Now, if you have read any of the books in this series, you already know the cast of characters. The central character is Stephanie Plum, the overly enthusiastic, get-in-trouble magnet. She is not a bad sort, but she is really not cut out for the job. Oddly enough, she does manage to make some money out of it. Grandma Mazur, is Stephanie’s gun-toting granny who is itching for adventure. There is Lula, the former ho’ turned office clerk who is a big chicken (a food she is mighty fond of specifically if it is from Cluck-in-a Bucket), but she tries to brazen out every situation with more bravado than brains. She (Lula) also totes a loaded weapon around in her handbag like Grandma Mazur. Connie, is the hot-blooded Italian office manager with more ties to the mob than Tony Soprano. Last, but certainly not least, you have the two big dilemmas in Stephanie’s life, Joe and Ranger. Joe is the blast from the past. He is the hot Italian cop who cannot keep his hands or other body parts away from Stephanie. Joe loves Stephanie but cannot quite commit to marriage and neither can Stephanie. Ranger is liquid fire. He is the Dark Knight, he is Batman. He is always there when she needs him and there when she NEEDS him, but really shouldn’t (if you get want I mean!). Ranger has saved her bacon more than once and he cares for her in his own way. She needs to make a choice or choose both.

On to the plot of the current book…. Stephanie and Lula find themselves in the usual predicament, chasing a FTA (failure to appear). This FTA happens to be a beloved member of the community and godfather to Joe Morelli. Needless to say, the book follows the usual vein of madcap craziness with a runaway giraffe and Stephanie vacillating between Joe and Ranger through the whole thing. Yes, she burns down another building, and yes, she destroys another Rangeman vehicle.

This book is a little different from the others because Stephanie is hired to investigate a crime, tries to quit being a bond enforcement agent by getting a job as a butcher, and Grandma Mazur is almost murdered. However, I wish Stephanie would pick a man. For God sake’s woman, you have two hot guys after you, pick one or both, but don’t play with them. I read this book in two hours in one sitting. I have always loved these books, but I fear they are not as funny and fresh as they used to be. I am ever hopeful for the next one though.


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